The Breach Epidemic

A Data Breach is the involuntary compromise of customer, employee or vendor information, data or records the business holds.

Schools systems hold data records of students, parents, faculty and vendors which puts them in the highest risk category for a breach.

In Event of a Breach…

Administrators May be required to:

  • Report the incident to state officials.
  • Show that you had a breach mitigation plan dated prior to the event.
  • Demonstrate that you proactively had training, policies and procedures to protect information.
  • Settle potential class-action lawsuits from breach victims.
  • Provide up to 24 months of identity resolution services to breach victims.


Prevent breaches before They Occur with Breach Readiness

Breach Experts

Provide one-on-one advice, response plans, and up-to-date threat alerts.

Breach Readiness Website

Includes valuable risk mitigation tools.

Employee Training Module

Contains information and programs to educate employees on proper data handling.

52% of data breaches are due to employee negligence or mistakes.

6 in 10 companies have to file bankruptcy within 6 months of a breach.


Breach Response Team springs into action if a breach occurs
Critical Steps

Step by step processes to stop the leak.

Compliance Requirements

Mitigates liability in the event of a breach.

Resolution Actions

Helps protect your organization when needed most.


Resolution solutions to repair the damage done
Resolution Solutions

Steps taken to repair the damage.

ID Resolution Services

Can be provided to individuals affected in the breach to help get their life back on track

Cost Savings

In the event of a breach, we can provide individual solutions to your employees at cost saving prices

Alabama is 1 of 2 states that do not have breach regulatory guidelines making class action suits more likely.

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