Critical Illness

Being diagnosed with a critical illness can cost you a lot of money – not only in medical bills but in things like income from lost work hours. This insurance policy can provide you with support during a stressful time. Call and speak with an agent today to learn more about the peace of mind Critical Illness Insurance can bring.

Critical Illness Insurance helps with…
  • Loss of Income While Unable to Work -Your health plan isn’t going to reimburse you for missing out on work, but two weeks of lost income can really hurt.
  • Monthly Bills & Other Expenses – Critical Illness Insurance can also help you cover monthly expenses like your mortgage or rent, your health insurance premiums, utility bills, daycare bills, etc.
  • Total Medical Bill – Your major medical health insurance plan will cover most of your medical bill, but you’re stuck with copayments and deductibles totaling large amounts, which you must pay out of pocket.