Key Features

CES works close with school administrators, payroll departments, and teachers to bring the best benefit solution to your educational institution. Our independence allows us to focus on providing the best solution for each client.


Compliant Cafeteria Plans. We work 1-on-1 school districts to create a complaint Section 125 plan that fits their needs. You know your district better than anyone else.


Ease of Administration. Work with the administrator and simplify the process to make the enrollment process smooth and non-intrusive. Flexible options and utilize existing AEA payroll slot.


Superior Benefits. All our products thoroughly vetted to guarantee the best solution. Leverage the purchasing power of over 100,000 Alabama educators to obtain the best product at the best value.


District Support Services

Get the benefit solution your school system deserves. 
Compliant Plan

Our plans are in compliance with Alabama Code 16-25A-47.

Service Guarantee

We develop a customize solution for your district.

Quality Control

By handling your benefit program from start to finish, our benefit specialists are able to provide you and your employees with dependable, quality service.

Enrollment Solutions

Plans built to make life easy on your payroll department. 
Ease of Administration

Utilizing existing AEA payroll slot for all deductions.

Multiple Enrollment Options

Flexible enrollment options catered to match your needs.

One partner, one call, one team

We have a dedicated staff member that’s always one call away to help with any needs.

Employee Benefits

Work 1-on-1 with employees to create the best plan for their needs.
Independent of Carriers

Allows us to find competitive product in every category. Utilize the purchasing power of the 100,000 Alabama educators to get best value.

AEA Vetted

Every product is thoroughly vetted by an AEA board comprised of educators and administrators.

Balanced Portfolio

Wide range of products to ensure employees are getting the right solution to their needs.

Alabama Based

Alabama owned and operated.

Breach Readiness

A unique plan that helps school systems of all sizes reduce risk, and provides resolution services if a breach occurs.


All the resources you need to get started, implement, and maintain your plan.