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Who We Are

Who We Are

Collateral Educator Services (CES) is part of EBI, a regional employee benefits brokerage agency founded in 1979. We understand the needs of school district employees and we use technology and an innovative approach to help schools manage the costs of benefits administration. CES works closely with school administrators, payroll departments, and teachers to bring the best possible benefit solutions to educational institutions.

First and foremost, all of our products have been vetted by a group of your peers. We act as a fiduciary, representing you and not an insurance company. Collateral Educators Services is the only benefit provider endorsed by the Alabama Education Association (AEA).



See What Sets Us Apart

Our experience, our connections and our independence allow us to focus on providing the best solution for each client. We are based in the Alabama, but part of a larger, education-focused firm, EBi. Together, we understand the needs of and requirements of schools. Find out how our process benefits your district, your payroll and all of your employees.