FreedomID ID Theft Protection

In today’s digitally-connected society, the risk of identity theft and sensitive data breaches lie around every corner. In the U.S., identity theft cases more than doubled from 2019 to 2020, with victim information being used and exploited to commit financial crimes, falsely apply for government benefits, make fraudulent major purchases and/or gain access to highly sensitive personal accounts.


With three different options to choose from, for as little as $4.95 per month, FreedomID offers educators a comprehensive family identity fraud protection program for up to seven household members.


Enroll today to get premier monitoring coverage and peace of mind knowing you and your family’s identities are secure.



FreedomID’s services include:

All forms of identity theft are resolved by a dedicated, bilingual expert that's available 24/7. Experts will help you replace lost or stolen IDs plus help you resolve past issues.
Technology experts are there to help you deal with malicious attacks on your computer, smartphone, tablet, email account(s) or social media account(s).
Secure dashboards will monitor and alert you to suspicious activity with identity, credit bureau(s), account numbers, ID numbers, address changes, social security number and much more. Monitoring services are product dependent.
Up to $1 million in expense reimbursement insurance coverage is in place so you can recover lost expenses and funds stolen electronically from your accounts.
Exclusive access to online discounts and rewards to over 30,000 stores and brands you trust. The average member saves an astonishing $2,400 annually - on things you buy every day!

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