What would you do for money if suddenly, due to an illness or injury, you were unable to work?


Ensuring that your family is financially protected in the event of your death is an essential way of caring for their needs.


You make many considered choices. Your auto insurance should be one of them. We don’t just talk dollars, we also talk sense. 


Home should mean peace of mind, but what about storms, accidents and surprise liabilities?


Periodic eye exams not only determine the need for corrective eye wear, but also give insight into general health. 


Uninsured dental care can add up quickly. Make sure you and your family are covered where it counts. 

Critical Illness

Helps ease the financial burden of mounting medical bills and expenses not covered by major medical insurance.


Have something to fall back on. With accident insurance if you have an accident, on-or-off-the-job, you are paid a lump sum directly.


The cost of cancer diagnostics, operation or removal and cancer treatment can overwhelm the victim and their families as well. 

Long term care

Did you know extended long-term care services are not covered by your health insurance nor Medicare ?

id theft protection

Comprehensive Family Identity Coverage

Student Loan Relief

GotZoom offers you a way to get the student loan relief that you need.