Find out if you need Disability Insurance.

Take the DI Quiz

Take the DI Quiz


Do YOU Need Disability Insurance?

Answer these 10-quick questions to find out. It’s so easy, even your students could pass it.

Do you have LESS than 25 years of service?

  1. Yes, it only sometimes feels more.
  2. No, I put in my 25 years.
  3. I passed 25 years of service 25 years ago

Have you spent a lot of time and money becoming an educator?

  1. Of course. Don’t make me think about my student teaching days!
  2. Yes, but my career hasn’t taken off quite yet.
  3. Does doing the crossword count?

Are you between the ages of 25 and 59?

  1. Yes, I’m in middle school years of my career.
  2. I’m in the post-high school years of my career, about to retire.
  3. This baby face? I still get ID’d going to the movies.

Do you have student debt or other loans?

  1. Yes, not all education is free.
  2. No, I’m debt free.
  3. Hit the genetic lottery, my parents pay my bills.

Would you be able to pay your bills if you could not work?

  1. It would be very tough. Not a test I’d like to take.
  2. Easily– did I tell you I also won the lottery?
  3. Remember, my parents pay for everything.

Do you financially support others such as kids, a partner or aging parents?

  1. Yes, my income is important to others.
  2. No, I only worry about myself.
  3. My parents support me.

Do you have a mortgage?

  1. Yes, it’s not cheap!
  2. No, but maybe someday.
  3. I live with my parents.

Does your family have a history of cancer or disease?

  1. Yeah – there are a few concerning conditions in my gene pool.
  2. No – my parents and siblings are 100% healthy.
  3. Not sure.

Do you like traveling, playing sports or going on adventures?

  1. Of course. Summers OFF, perk of being in education.
  2. Does reading in the library count?
  3. I’m bubble boy when I leave the house

Do you have a plan in place that would replace your income once you exhausted all your sick leave?

  1. Does not getting sick count?
  2. I know that 30% of workers become disabled at some point during their career, so I put money aside.
  3. My mom will be my financial nurse.

Let’s see how you did. Can you believe we’re making you grade your own test? The good news is there are no right or wrong answers, so you at least got an A on the quiz.

Do YOU need disability insurance?

If you did NOT choose answer “A” for any of these questions,
disability insurance is probably not an essential financial tool for you.

If you chose answer “A” for two or three of these questions,
you definitely need to consider disability insurance.

If you chose answer “A” for four to six of these questions,
it’s a no-brainer. You should definitely have disability insurance.

If you chose answer “A” for seven or more of these questions, you need to get a disability insurance. Call one of Benefit Specialists at 1-866-322-2244 to get the protection you need.